Thermic Bag

The Thermic Bag was created for the everyday woman who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go.

I designed this purse in 2017 as my final One Year Shoes and Bags Business course project. It was based on my understanding of the needs of women whose daily lives are changing. I imagined myself as the consumer of this bag and thought about how I would like to be able to leave my home, do everything I needed to do, and not have to take 4 or 5 different bags with me. The purse is made of leather, a luxurious and resistant material, mesh lining, and a bottom thermal compartment for one's meals. It won an award in the category of bags in the Prêmio Feira Francal Top de Estilismo, Latin America's biggest shoe and bag expo. This piece shows my creativity, practicality, and artistry.

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