Bali is a yoga bag that can breathe!

Mesh and neoprene
245 × 440 × 340 mm

The Bali Bag was developed in FDR Mesh, a breathable fabric composed of several hollow layers, which aim to support the flexibility and lightness of the product. The bag has two top zippers, one for the breathable compartment, suitable for wet items, and another waterproof, suitable for wet items. The inner pockets are in FDR Air Mesh, a leaky mesh that is soft, elastic, and breathable, ideal for small objects. The two external pockets, suitable for your water bottle or shake, are also in FDR Air Mesh. It has a side zipper opening with a slider and locks to facilitate complete access to the bag's compartments and a full view of your belongings. The mesh material can be seen throughout my products and was developed my me.

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