São Paulo

This practial and easy to carry thermal bag was designed to accompany you in your day-to-day routine, gym, and also on that weekend trip.

Mesh, nylon and neoprene
240 × 170 × 215 mm

The São Paulo lunch bag was developed in FDR Mesh, a breathable fabric composed of several hollow layers, which aim to support the flexibility and lightness of the product. The front pocket has a protective screen in FDR Air Mesh, leaked mesh, soft, elastic, and breathable, ideal for small and easily accessible objects such as your sauces or napkins. It has an upper compartment of thermal Neoprene, which helps conserve the food in your fitness lunch box, keeping them fresh and ready to be prepared and consumed. This one is also lined with a removable FDR PLT inner lining. Waterproof, 100% polyester plain weave is lightweight, rugged, soft, waterproof, and washable. It includes an FDR Air Mesh pocket with a reusable ice pack and a pocket for your silverware. In this same compartment, two cord tapes with velcro are included to close and store the bag if it is not in use. It contains two side pockets to put your Féder bottle in, a removable shoulder strap with an adjustable strap, a hand strap with a buckle to hang it if you want it, and a loop to fit it on the rim of the bag.

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