Light it Up

Light it Up is a purse with a solar panel that can charge your phone while on the and turns on a LED strip inside the bag.

Mesh, neoprene, leather
400mm x 350mm

In 2018, alongside Allan Steinbruch,  I created the “Light It Up”  bag, which won the Prêmio Feira Francal Top de Estilismo for the second time. The concept occurred to me while I was on a plane and my phone battery ran out - without the phone lantern, it was challenging to find what I needed in my bag. I thought having a solar-powered bag to charge my phone and turn on the inner light would be amazing. When I arrived in Brazil, I immediately drew the design and started working on its creation. Allan helped me with the circuit wiring so that it would be fully functioning. This bag reflects my interest in the world of wearables and demonstrates how innovation and the use o technology can help solve simple daily challenges. The song used in this video is Maresias by Adriana Calcanhotto.

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